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    After seeing this photo I reflected on the past when this all started. For these kids it started on a small practice field at Bethesda Park. They barely came up to their coach's waists if they were standing tall. Practice 3 days a week and your game on a Saturday. This photo invoked such memories. These same kids would fill the stands on Friday nights to watch their Brookwood High School heroes that wore the same uniform. Surely they dreamt of one day doing the same. Being a varsity Bronco was light years away, after all, they were only 6 when they started this journey of playing football. I remember these kids wearing their BFA uniform jerseys at all the home games. It was the place to be, running around playing with their teammates at the high school games without a care in the world. All they knew was that Saturday mornings belonged to them, but hoping Friday nights would be theirs one day.
    Surely they thought to themselves, "Will I have that one game at that beautiful  Brookwood Community Stadium, where we come out with a win? Not just a win, but a win that I make happen? A win that my teammates and I make happen? A win where our parents, fans and  students bask in the glory of a victory that will be remembered for their time at Brookwood?" How many 6 year old Broncos were in the stands? Were they watching? Did they have the same thoughts? I hope so. That is what makes being a Brookwood Bronco so special and how memories are made.

    Joe Artime (Father Connor Artime #47)

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